Initiation of PPS

PPS System

From the beginning of creation human being filling their demand. Through Barter system for fill up his necessity. The system is running up today in limited shape. Then a great change has come after invention of currency. Transaction has got easy way by using of currency. But business of this place remain under control of capitalists. Therefore common peoples are to purchase materials by high price. To remove this disadvantage and to ensure consumer right, he initiated multi level marketing who is known as Dr. Karlrain Borge and he imitated the system in 1941. Which was approved by the American senate in 1958 and be established as agitating marketing system all over the world.

But Luxur global N. Ltd. has initiated a new system in marketing sector by which every citizen of grass root will get opportunity to purchase materials. We have nomenclatural it as PPS product privities system. He will get return all paid prices in package Tk. 300/- during ten years. It is our motive to step forward for a step to be self reliable by every citizen. Several number persons in every world, i.e. we want to give work to young woman house wife and students as a part time job. We shall invite you to contact with our office nearest to you. We are playing vital role to make financial freedom ship of all class people. Your participation will encourage us.

  • Account of Product Purchasing according to period.
    Claim for drawing money after 03 years will be 50% of total product purchase(Upto 10 years).

Products Galary (PPS)


It is complementary of food, keep well the amenity system, increase disease protective power, filling the need of vitamin and its special element cures asthma disease. Preserving liquidity of respiration system. For this reason, it is effective for asthma, Diabetic, High Blood Pressure and controlling physical weakness. Bore and cholesterol remain under control by omega 6 and 3 and helpful for cure of urinal problem.

Unit 2-3 Table spoor for adults. to be taken 2 or 3 times in a day by mixing the Lu nutrias food with light hat water. For infants it will be 1 table spoor. May be taken with banana or cucumber as mixture with light hat meter 1-2 times daily.
Preservation Keep in a cool and dry place after tightly fitting the mouth of bottle or packet. Limiting of weight, increases memory power due to presence of protein, growing of intelligence, increasing strength, food complementary, tasteful, vitamin, protein and mineral. Which is suitable for all aged people.
Quantity 2-3 times daily for adults, 2-3 table spoon Lu says with light hat water after mixture of these.
For minor aged 1 (one) table spoon, 1-2 times daily with light hat water.
Preservation Keep in cold and dry place filling the mouth tightly.


Comfort from thirsty, joyful mind creation, vitamin A.C and Iron. Nice test and satisfactory and keep the body evergreen.
Preservation : Tightly close, the mouth of glass bottle after opening of packet by which it will not get touch of air. Other wise it will be concentrated.

Mash Food (Dia)

Controlling of diabetic, decreases high blood pressure, protection of heart disease, recover of blood shortage, protect falling and ripping of hair, prevention of jaundice, high power medicine of allergy, ideal food for baby and mother, cure from hard stool and digestion problem. Prevention from Censer and Tumor, Best for parlor prevention of AIDS, cure from Ajma, Protein for adults, protection of piles, helpful for decreasing fat, protection form dengue disease, increasing serial power.

Dose for taking With rice, fried rice, bread etc or only it can be eaten. 2-3 times daily in 2-3 tea spoon.
Preservation Keep in a dry place after light fitting the mouth of battle.

Mash food toast

Decrease high blood pressure, protection for heat disease, cure from blood shortage, protection of hair falling and ripping of hair prevention fun jaundice, effective medicine of allergy, Ideal food for baby and mother. Herd stool and digestion problem solution. Prevention from cancer and tumor, best for parlor, preventive of AIDS, cure from asthma, better protein for adults, protection from piles, helpful for decreasing fat, protection from dengue, increasing sea power.
Dose: With rice, fried rice, bread or only alone the mash. 2-3 times 2-3 tea spoon daily.

Preservation: Keep in dry place closing the mouth tightly.

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